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Celebrate Your Union at Howie’s Homestay Villas in Chiang Mai,Thailand

There are a thousand and one things to attend to if you want to have a memorable wedding day but all the planning and organizing can leave you feeling weary on the day you are supposed to be happy,excited and energetic. Whoever came up with the idea of honey moon immediately after a wedding ceremony must have been one smart person,they must be familiar with the freshly married couple’s need to get away from all the wedding day’s exhaustion into some hideaway such as Howe’s Homestay ,a Chiang Mai’s Luxury Resort where they will get to start their new lives and make fond memories together.

You will never forget the peace and tranquility you and your mate will experience as you share your love and passion in the privacy of Chiang Mai’s Howe’s Homestay. It doesn’t matter whether it is January or December,all it takes is two souls who care for each other to ignite the spark of their love in Chiang Mai’s Howe’s Homestay-a luxury resort.

There are so many places you can visit for your honey moon or wedding anniversary but there are several good reasons Howie’s Homestay Villas in Thailand could be the one place you may want to consider.

Howie’s Homestay Villas is a boutique hotel that stands for one thing-luxury and comfort. One thing you want to understand is that once you do your reservation,the place will host just you and your loved ones!You will greatly enjoy waking up to the healing quietness of the lush foothills of the Himalayas.

You have several hotels to choose from in Chiang Mai but nothing comes close to the splendor,the delicious Thai food and award winning architecture that separates Howie’s Homestay from any other resort in the area. Since you will be having the villa to yourself,you have all the freedom to spend your time as you please-there is a huge infinite-edge swimming pool where you can spend some terrific time with your loved one or you could just relax in the couch and socialize with wonderful hosts,Jerri and Howie.

The owners and hosts Jerri and Howie spent millions of dollars to build the facility,and it took them seven long years because they wanted to get everything just right for the benefit of their guests.

If you are an Eco-tourism enthusiast, this hotel will not disappoint.

If you arrange to take your girl to Howie’s Homestay Villas,you will give her a reason to marvel at just how fortunate she is to have you and this may set the pace of your relationship for the rest of your lives together. There is no way to forget anything that you and your woman will do,experience or agree at Howie’s Homestay-memories are made of this.

Staying at Howe’s Homestay Villas will give you an opportunity to connect with your loved one in a way that brings you together for good.

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